Welcome to the WHH Foundation website

Welcome to the WHH Foundation. Investing in human capital to make the world a little better.

We are a family foundation founded in Los Angeles, California, in June 1961, known then as William H. Hurt Charities, Inc.

"Life’s been incredibly good to me and it started long ago. First, I was born in Los Angeles just when it was about to become a genuine egalitarian meritocracy; one so open to folks from all over the World that it’s become a functioning example of how people of disparate backgrounds can live, work and create together. To maneuver in this city I had the good fortune to have a loving supportive extended family and an education that most in the World would die for. And then I began a career that fit me uniquely well and was enormously rewarding. With all that good luck by 1961 I decided it was time to begin payback and formed what is now the WHH Foundation."

Bill Hurt, excerpt from his 2003 letter to the WHH Foundation board of directors. Please click this link to view the complete letter.

For Grantees: If you are a grantee of the WHH Foundation, please click this link to access your online grant portal.

Welcome to the WHH Foundation website